plus size womens dressesPlus size womens dresses of today are a far cry from the circus tents that curvy women used to have to suffer. Today it is possible to buy a dress of any style that will fit your curvy figure. Be that as it may, it is important to realize that not every style will look good on your figure. A dress that is designed for a woman who is built like a telephone pole will not look good on a classic hourglass figure. It’s just that simple. If you try to dress for fashion without paying close attention to your own best attributes, your efforts to look good will backfire. Worse still, you may end up accentuating the points you wish to downplay and downplaying your best features. In this article, we will present some steps for selecting the most flattering styles to suit your womanly figure. Read on to learn more.

With the great wealth of choices in plus sized women’s dresses today, it is really not challenging to find just the right dress to help your figure look its most attractive and alluring. When you pay close attention to cut, fit, design, color and type of fabric, you can select the perfect look and style to suit your shape. You should strive to find clothing that looks as if it was made just for you rather than making do with off-the-rack fit that may look slapdash and feel uncomfortable. The best plus sized women’s clothing helps you look slimmer and well turned out.

Selecting Just The Right Prints And Colors

Of course, black is the classic when it comes to a slimming color; however, you can also get tremendous slimming effects with any monochrome dressing as long as the clothing in question is properly fitted. A well fitted outfit all in one shade in a fabric that fits smoothly without bunching or creating a boxy effect will help you look your slimmest. With prints, a small print is generally more slimming; however, accessories in a large print can be very attractive and can help draw the eye to your best features. For example, a scarf in a large print that matches or enhances the color of your eyes will draw attention to your face.

Understanding Good Fit

Just because it’s possible to purchase tight, skimpy, revealing clothing in plus size womens dresses does not mean it’s a good idea. The best fit for curvy, plus sized ladies is a fit that is neither voluminous nor constrictive. A voluminous plus size dress that looks like a tent will only make you look large and shapeless. A dress or other garment that is too tight or too skimpy will result in a bumpy, bulgy appearance that is not attractive on anyone. To get the right size in dresses for curvy women, you should take your measurements and aim for a fit that is just slightly larger. Take some good advice from Marilyn Monroe and select clothing that fits closely enough to show that you are a woman and loosely enough to show that you are a lady.

Frills, Frippery & Puffy Sleeves Should Be Avoided

Lots of lace, puffy sleeves and other extras can end up making you look large and a bit silly. Tailored clothing with simple lines is slimming and can be fitted to enhance the best features of your figure. If you are concerned that your upper arms are not your most attractive feature, you will have a far better effect with well fitted sleeves than with puffy sleeves that will just tend to make them look bigger. An off-the-shoulder style is also very flattering for upper arms because it draws attention to the shoulders while gracefully concealing the arms.

Plus Size Wrap Dresses Can Be Very Flattering

A graceful, flowing wrap dress in a fluid fabric makes the most of a small waist while beautifully concealing larger hips. This comfortable and elegant dressing option highlights your curves and helps you look your very best. Additionally, this type of dress is adjustable to accommodate any variation in your weight and/or measurements.

Selecting The Right Accessories & Fabrics

To stay fresh and pretty in summertime, always wear light weight, all natural fabrics that will keep you cool and absorb moisture. Calcutta cloth is a nice choice because it allows air circulation and comes in many pretty colors. Some summertime plus sized dress offerings may be unfortunately muu-muu shaped, but you can counteract this by adding a belt to accentuate your waist. After putting on your belt, raise your arms to slightly lift the torso of the dress. This provides a slimmer look. Also, if the belt is a tie style, tie it to one side rather than right in the middle of the front. This little trick offsets the attention and provides a slimmer silhouette.

Remember that accessories are a terrific tool for drawing attention away from the qualities you wish to downplay and to qualities you want noticed. Just as a scarf of the right color can draw attention to your eyes, so can a beautiful choker. A hat with a half veil can also accomplish this. To draw attention to your bosom, a longer necklace in a bright, contrasting color will do the trick. If you have gorgeous hair, be sure to dress it up with a nice collection of hair accessories. If you have pretty ankles and calves, wear beautiful shoes and maybe an anklet. If you want to draw attention away from your hips, be sure not to carry a big over-the-shoulder bag. Instead, select a dainty and elegant clutch purse.

Make Smart Mindful Choices For Elegant Plus Size Womens Dresses

Dressing to look your best is entirely possible for plus sized women today. This is a major improvement when compared with the past when the only way to get a properly fitted plus sized dress was to make it yourself. Be sure to make the most of the many choices available to curvy women today by having a clear eyed vision of your own appearance and attributes and making wise, mindful choices in clothing and accessories so that you will always look your best.

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