womens evening dressesMost women don’t get to buy several womens evening dresses, so the one dress that they do invest in usually has to be right for multiple occasions. The good news is that current styles leave room for quite a bit of flexibility in length, design, fabrics, and prints.

Also, with a change of accessories and shoes, you can also achieve dramatically different looks with the same dress. This means that a versatile evening dress should be a good investment for years.

What To Look For In Womens Evening Dresses?

There are several things you will want to consider when you buy a new formal dress. The first thing is the particular event that you are buying a dress for. Unless you have a large budget for formal clothes, you might also want to consider other events that you can use the dress for in the future. For example, it might be nice to purchase a dress for a wedding and be able to save it in your closet for the next time you go out to dinner or attend the ballet.

Also, decide if you want to go with basic black, another conservative color, or something more daring. The right answer to this probably depends upon your skin tone, age, and the type of events you plan to use your dress for. Don’t worry about the season. That old rule about only wearing light colors in the summer is very outdated. Just remember that itt is always possible to liven up a basic outfit, but it can be harder to tone down something really lively.

Fabrics, Colors, And Prints Of Evening Dresses

Fist, consider the general fabric of your new dress. Do you mind running to the dry cleaner often, or would you prefer a fabric that you can launder at home? Many expensive dresses do need to get dry cleaned regularly, but some more affordable dresses come in synthetics that can be carefully washed and line-dried at home. You can even put some of them in your dryer with a gentle setting. Your budget, the time you have, and your own preferences may factor into this particular choice.

Fancy satins and silks look great. But these days, you can purchase dresses made out of very clever synthetics that will fool all of your friends into thinking you are wearing a fancy fabric when you can actually wash and dry your dress at home!

Should You Buy A Little Black Dress?

The safest thing to do is to buy a traditional “little black dress” because that one outfit can take you from the office to an evening out by adding or subtracting jackets, scarves, and jewelry. If you decorate your black formal dress with a bright scarf, decorative belt, and the right jewelry, you don’t have to worry that anybody will say that you look like you’re going to a funeral.

However, not everybody finds black their favorite color. If you are going to rely on one dress for all of your formal wear, you don’t have to buy a black one. But you might consider choosing a basic and conventional color that looks good with your complexion. You could consider a shade of off-white, pure white, or basically any primary color.

By adding a matching black jacket or a complementary pastel pink, fire engine red, or even deep purple jacket, you can change the composition of your output in about five seconds. Of course, if you did not buy a black dress, keep the color in mind. Some shades of purple do go with some shades of red, but you have to be very careful.

Additionally, consider accessories. Bold jewelry actually makes your outfit look a bit more fun an casual. However, elegant diamonds and pearls suggest formality and elegance. A bright and wide belt also sends a very different message than a slim matching belt. You can actually have a lot of fun mixing and matching accessories, jackets, scarves, shoes, and belts to see how many different looks you can achieve with one evening dress.

How Long Does An Evening Dress Have To Be?

What is the right length for womens evening dresses? Today, women can choose their own length, and that is good news. Some women are happy to show off some leg up and over the knee, but the thought makes other women uncomfortable in a very formal situation.

The right choice may partially also depend upon the occasion. That means that it might be wise to select a dress right below the knee, at the knee, or right above the knee because it is likely to be accepted anywhere and still looks contemporary and fashionable.

However, if you prefer the long and flowing look of past years, or if you’d rather just go without stockings, go ahead and choose a maxi dress. Long dresses never seem to go out of style! With a long dress, you can wear either high heels or flats, or you can kick off your shoes without people noticing that much. Surprisingly, many long dresses are actually more comfortable and easy to wear for an entire day than shorter dresses are.

Select An Evening Dress For Your Size And Shape

Every woman can find the perfect dress, but not every woman looks good in every dress. For example, very form fitting dresses might not look the best on women who are either very slim or a bit stout. A more flowing style might leave more to the imagination and be a better choice.

The most important thing is to make sure that your evening dress fits you very well. A dress that is too big or too tight is not likely to help you look your best.

If you are going to invest your money in a nice dress, you should take the time to find one that seems as if it was tailored just for you. As long as your dress fits you well, you can be as bold as you please.

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