babydoll dressesBabydoll dresses are back in a big way. These cute, stylish dresses can be see on racks in stores all over. These dresses are extremely versatile, and are perfect for both casual and dressier looks. They’re a dress that anyone can look great in.

Finding a flattering babydoll dress is far easier than you might think it be. There are two secrets. You have to find a dress in an appropriate pattern and color, and you have to find a dress in the appropriate fabric. If you can do that, you’ll find a dress that looks and feels amazing.

Choosing a dress color that’s flattering is easier than you might think. You simply need to analyze your skintone and to determine what color category you fit it. From there, it’ll be easier to find out what kinds of colors will look good on you.

What’s a color category? It’s the category you fall in based on the undertone of your skin. People who tan easily and don’t burn have a warm undertone. People who burn or don’t tan easily have a cool undertone. People who have olive skin have a neutral undertone.

In addition, there are skin “seasons.” People are divided into four categories: winter, spring, summer, and fall. From there, they’re divided into further categories based on other aspects of their coloring. For example, someone with warm skin and a warm hair and eye color would be a warm autumn. Someone with fair and delicate looking skin might be a soft winter.

If this all sounds complex, you don’t need to worry! It can be tricky to figure out what color category you fall into, but it’s easy to find flattering colors once you do. Take advantage of these simple tricks to get started

If you have light skin with dark eyes and hair, or dark skin with blue undertones, you may be a winter. Winters tend to look great in rich colors. Ruby and sapphire toned dresses are a great choice. Stark colors, like black and white, or very bright colors like electric blue also look great.

If your skin has pink undertones, and if you don’t have a lot of contrast between your eye and skin color, you might be a summer. Summers are often blondes, but can also be brunettes. Nearly all summers have light colored eyes. They look great in shiny colors.

If you’re a summer, look for dresses in muted tones or in colors like rose and aqua. Neutral toned dresses can also be very flattering, as can icy colors. If possible, look for dresses that have a little shine to them, or pair your dresses with metallic accessories.

People with golden or ruddy undertones to their skin are likely to be autumns. People with all hair colors can fall into this color group. The autumn group is very diverse, and the colors that flatter autumns often look very good in other color groups as well.

Autumns should look for babydoll dresses that are in vibrant warm colors, like orange, bright yellow or navy. Stark colors can bring out the yellow in their skin, so they should be avoided. Instead, look for off-white or charcoal dresses. Some bright colors, such as electric brights, can also be unflattering.

People with fair skin and neutral blonde, strawberry blonde, or light brunette hair may be springs. Springs typically have either blue eyes or green blue eyes. Like autumns, they have some yellow undertone to their skin. They usually look best in babydoll dresses that are in softer colors.

Greens and browns look great on springs, as do peaches and bright reds. Any color that has yellow undertones is likely to be flattering. Blacks and whites tend to be unflattering, but off-whites are a good alternative. Spring tends to be a very versatile skin tone, and most springs look great in a wide range of colors.

Once you’ve figured out what colors are a good fit for you, you should think about fabrics. The fabric of a dress can make a big impact on how it looks on your body. Most babydoll dresses are made from very light fabrics, but there are some subtle differences you may not notice.

People who have curves all over will want to choose fabrics that have substance and will skim their curves in a flattering way. For example, cotton and jersey will look great on people with curves. These fabrics are also commonly used on babydoll dresses.

People who have a smaller upper half but larger hips will want to wear dresses that are more form fitting on their upper half. Polyester blends can look great, as can cotton dresses. Avoid any dress that will add a lot of bulk to your lower half. Opt for dresses with thin fabric on the skirt instead.

If you’re an hourglass, highlighting your curves is probably your primary goal. This can be difficult to do with a babydoll dress, but it can be accomplished by choosing a dress that’s made from a fabric like matte jersey or spandex. Make sure the dress you wear fits you perfectly.

If your body doesn’t have a lot of curves, thin, light fabrics such as satin or silk are a great choice. They can help the babydoll dress give you the illusion of having more curves than you do. Stay away from dresses made with chunkier fabrics.

People who are larger on top will want to wear dresses that are a little stiffer on the bottom. Since most babydoll dresses are looser on the bottom, this can be problematic. Solve this issue by wearing dresses made from cotton or a matte jersey. Dresses with a chunkier bottom may balance out your upper half.

As you can see, there’s a babydoll dress out there for anyone! All you need to do is find the right color and fabric. Pay attention to your skin tone and your body type, and you’ll be able to find something fantastic.

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